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You just purchased a fixer upper with the intentions of turning it into your dream home. A few months go by, and you are putting the finishing touches on the new house. How much thought have you given to your eavestrough? What will it look like? What material will it be made from? And more importantly, who will it be installed by? If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, there's one name you can depend on: CopperWorks Canada.
Before You Get Started: What is an Eavestrough?
There are a few things homeowners should be aware of and take into consideration prior to selecting the ideal eavestrough for their home. First, it is important to understand exactly what an eavestrough (also commonly known as 'gutter') is and what it does for your house. Quite simply, an eavestrough is a system of channels laid around the roof of a house to collect and direct rain water away from the house. The purpose of an eavestrough is to shield the house from any damage that can be brought on by the infiltration of water into the walls and siding of the house, which can potentially render it structurally unsound if left untended.
How Does it Work?
An eavestrough is installed beneath the roof line of the house. It is connected to a downspout (also known as downpipe) which is typically placed at a corner of the house. As precipitation gathers onto the roof (be it melting snow or rain), this water trickles down the shingles and into the gutter. The gutter is slightly tilted to allow for the water to continue its descent. Once the water reaches the end of the gutter channel, it flows down the downspout and is disposed of either away from the house (could be used to water plants around the house) or is collected into a large container and stored for later use.
What is it Made of?
There are several options to choose from when it comes to the materials that are used to make eavestrough. It can be made from plastic or metal. The most common materials used are vinyl, aluminum, and copper. The advantages of using a metal eavestrough are evident in its durability, particularly in its ability to withstand harsher weather conditions than plastic. On the other hand, plastic is usually easier to install and easier on the wallets. However, because it tends to wear out quicker than metal does and requires replacing more frequently, metal may in fact be the more cost effective option in the long run.
You've Installed it. Now What?
You should always clean your gutters on a regular basis to clear out any debris and dirt build up. Such build ups could prevent the eavestrough from doing its job effectively. Regular maintenance of your eavestrough will prolong its life and save you from expensive repair works on your gutter system. It is recommended that you get your eavestrough system cleaned every 3 months or so, especially at the beginning of spring and fall.
Call on us for Your Eavestrough Needs!
Wherever you are in the Greater Toronto Area, trust the eavestrough specialists at CopperWorks Canada with your gutter and downspout needs. They offer a wide selection of beautiful, quality products, and will provide you with a fast, friendly, and professional installation service. Call us today!
If you are interested in getting a new eavestrough installed for your home, please visit us at our main site http://www.copperworkscanada.com/ or call us at 905-831-6434.

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